Since the time trials and autocross will be held on the same day, those running the time trials will also be able to complete autocross runs on their own schedule so as not to conflict with their track run groups.

Time Trials and Autocross will both be conducted under the AROC Competition Code guidelines. You can find a copy of that document (as well as Competition Class Calculator and Tech Inspection Form) at You’ll find “Competition” details under “The Cars” tab. Note that there are separate sections for Time Trials and Autocross.

After we receive your Convention registration, you will be sent a registration form for the Time Trial, Autocross or both. When you receive this, please go to the website and use the Competition Class Calculator spreadsheet to determine your car’s class for each event you have entered.

If you have any questions about your time trial car’s preparation details or class assignment, contact Tim Spruill, AROC Competition chair at:

For similar questions about the autocross, please contact the autocross chairman: George Schweikle,

We need volunteers for course workers for both events that day. With a sufficient number of volunteers, the work periods could be limited to one hour, so a competitor could work after completion of his/her timed runs. If you’re spectating, working the course is a great way to get “up close and personal” with the action too! Please indicate on your Convention and/or specific event registration if you will be available for a work session.

A hearty THANK-YOU  to Centerline International

for sponsoring both the Time Trials and Autocrossevents

at Citta della Musica.

ALFA 2016 will be utilizing the 1.1 mile

East Circuit and the ​Autocross Pad

By Bob McKeown and George Schweikle

Here’s your chance to participate in two outstanding

high-performance driving events, sponsored by Centerline International!

On Friday, June 17, we’ll head north to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Since 1981, Bowling Green has been the birthplace of the Chevrolet Corvette, arguably the greatest American sports car. And, since 1994, it’s also been home to the National Corvette Museum, a collection of the most iconic of these cars. (There’s a car-eating sinkhole there that you may have heard of too, but you can look that up on your own.)

If you’re building the fastest of American cars and displaying the most interesting of them, what’s next? You create the National Corvette Museum (NCM) Motorsports Park, a state-of-the-art, 3.15-mile road racing circuit. Incorporating several features of LeMans, the NCM track offers configurations to suit most any type of of cars and drivers. The Lane Report calls it “a world-class facility for high performance driving.”

The Time Trials will offer run groups for novices and more advanced drivers and we anticipate giving you as much track time as you can reasonably stand. For this event we’ve chosen the track’s East circuit, a 1.1-mile highly technical portion with lots of elevation changes, since that’s the most fun stuff to do in an Alfa.

This isn’t wheel-to-wheel racing, of course, it’s just you against the clock. But you will be able to drive to the limits of your and your car’s abilities without worrying about speed limits and distracted drivers. We’ll also offer parade laps at lunch if you want a more leisurely view from trackside. This will be most participants’ first chance to run this great facility.

The autocross will be conducted by the Tennessee Region of the Sports Car Club of America (TRSCCA). We’ll run on the track’s 22-acre skidpad, paved with race grade asphalt. TRSCCA is very experienced at organizing autocross events, and promises an open course with wide pylon gate spacing to satisfy the most dedicated autocrosser. They’ll also emphasize adequate directional marking for all corners, so those with less experience can have plenty of fun without “getting lost”. The course will provide enjoyment for 164 and Milano drivers as well as those with smaller-displacement Alfas.

Something new this year:  We plan to offer “trial runs” for novice autocrossers.  A trial run entrant can drive through the autocross course, at reduced speed, and without the timer running. Riders would be permitted.  Advanced registration is required and the car must undergo a rudimentary tech inspection

Alfas make good autocross cars in stock condition so you don’t need to worry about modifications for your car. All you really need to do is to increase tire pressure and remove any loose items from the interior and trunk. The AROC classification rules provide classes for all model Alfas, as well

as any modifications.

If you just want to come up and spectate, that’s fine, too. You’ll get to see some great pure racecars, maybe even some iconic Alfa racers from long ago, as well as some street cars being used to the max. The new, scary-fast 4C’s should be spectacular on track. We’ll have food there too, so you can make a day of it. Bring the sunscreen and a couple of chairs and you’re good to go.

Mandatory safety inspection for both events will be available at the hotel parking lot on Thursday. Before signing up for either event, make sure your car has an adequate muffler. The track sound limit is 103dB@50 ft. and sound levels are monitored during the day. Track noise has been an issue with NCM’s neighbors and it’s imperative that we be sensitive to this issue.

 Another track policy to be aware of is that blocks or wood squares should be used to absorb weight beneath any equipment that may cause damage to the surface, such as trailer legs, jack stands and kart stands. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. Wood squares are available in the track office free of charge, but must be returned when leaving. The policy is strictly applied.



505 Grimes Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101 / 800-538-3883


Centerline International

is our Sponsor

for all Track Events

at Citta della Musica 2016